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Standard Chartered x MoneySmart Sign Up Promotion

Get S$100 worth of Cash when you apply through MoneySmart! Valid from 1 May 2019 - 31 May 2019.

Get S$100 worth of Takashimaya Vouchers when you apply through MoneySmart!

Terms & Conditions

1.1 The “Gift” refers to S$100 worth of Cash.

1.2 The “Promotion Period” refers to applications submitted from 01 May 2019 – 31 May 2019, both days inclusive. Credit Card applications submitted during the Promotion Period must be approved by 30 June 2019. 

1.3 The “Eligible Products” refer to one (1) Standard Chartered Credit Card - Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card®

1.4 Successful and eligible applicants for the following one (1) Standard Chartered Credit Cards - Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Credit Card®, will receive S$100 worth of Gift. 

1.5 An “Eligible Customer” refers to applicants who meet the following conditions:

(a) Is a New-To-Bank Cardholder, with no existing Standard Chartered Credit Card account* (as main cardmember) at the time when his/her successful application submission via MoneySmart is approved by Standard Chartered for any Eligible Standard Chartered Product under this Promotion and has not previously cancelled any Standard Chartered Credit Cards in the last 12 months; and 

(b) Successfully applies for eligible products through and the eligible product is approved by Standard Chartered. For avoidance of doubt, product/s submitted through other channels will not be eligible for this promotion. 

(c) Submits their (1) Contact Details and (2) Reference Number via See below for more details. Submissions of personal details for gift redemption cut off on 31 May 2019, submissions after the time period will be on review basis before confirmation.

1.6 Eligible Customers will only be entitled to receive one (1) Gift per Eligible Customer, regardless of the number of Eligible Standard Chartered® Products you may have successfully applied for. 

1.7 Applicants of SCB Unlimited Cashback Card who are eligible for the S$100 Gift from MoneySmart may also qualify for Standard Chartered’s Sign-up offer of S$100 Cashback.

1.8 For eligible card members, your S$100 Gift from MoneySmart will come separately from your Standard Chartered Card and the S$100 Cashback Gift from Standard Chartered Bank. 

1.9 S$100 Cashback (no min. spend required) will be fulfilled by Standard Chartered Bank within 30 working days after date of card activation. Bank T&Cs refer here:

1.10 S$20 Cashback will be fulfilled by Standard Chartered Bank after the first S$1 spent within 3 days from date of card approval. Bank T&Cs refer here:

1.11 Existing Card-Holders get S$20 which will be fulfilled by Standard Chartered Bank within 30 working days after date of card activation. Bank T&Cs refer here:

1.12 Applicants who submit their Reference Number after 31 May 2019 may be awarded the Gift only after a case-by-case review. 

How do you get your Gift?

After applying for your selected Standard Chartered Credit Card, do not close your browser. You will need to provide us your Application Reference Number together with your contact details in order for us to process your Gift.

2.0  Submit the following information via this link:

Your contact details are required for verification purposes.

i) Contact Details

  • Name

  • Email

  • 8 digit Contact Number

  • Date of Birth

  • Name of Account Holder, Bank Name and Bank Account Number

  • Card Applied

  • Reference Number*

 * Application Reference Number

The Reference Number can be found on the Thank You Page, after you’ve completed your application. Example below:


IMPORTANT: Remember to copy and save the Reference Number. MoneySmart will be unable to process your Gift if we do not have the Reference Number.

2.1 If you meet all the conditions for eligibility, you will receive your Eligibility Email in minimum eight (8) weeks from the end date (31 May 2019) of the May exclusive or after card approval date, whichever is later, via the email you've provided in the Gift Redemption Page. []

2.2 MoneySmart will be crediting the S$100 Cash to Eligible Customer’s Bank Account via Bank Transfer, to the stated bank account in the contact details form submitted by the Customer.

2.3 Applicants who submit their Bank Account Number more than once shall have their final submission taken as their final choice of Bank Account and Bank Account Number for their Cash Gift to be credited in. Disputes once the S$100 Gift has been credited will not be entertained. 

2.4 Please kindly wait 3 Working Days for the Cash to be successfully credited to your Bank Account.

2.5 If the Eligible Customer fails to receive the Gift from MoneySmart in minimum nine (9) weeks from date of campaign end, kindly drop an email to for any assistance.

2.6 MoneySmart reserves the right to reject any gift redemption if the application was found to be made via other channels, was made outside of the Promotion Period and/or the applicant did not submit their full contact details.

2.7 By participating in this Promotion, an Eligible Customer consents to the partner banks to share with MoneySmart the status of their application.

2.8 Eligible Customers shall be solely responsible to share the correct details with MoneySmart to make Cash gift Transfers in their bank accounts. MoneySmart shall not be responsible for any defaults/failure in cash transfer due to incorrect information(s) shared by the customers.

2.8 In the event Cash gift transfers fails due to incorrect or incomplete information shared by Eligible Customers, MoneySmart shall not make further attempts to transfer the same. MoneySmart shall not be liable to pay any penalty and/or damages due to such failure.

3.0 Eligible Customers (“you”) at the time of providing the Bank Details to receive Cash gifts, hereby warrant and undertake the following: 

a) The bank account details provided by you are complete, accurate and belong solely to you. 

b) The bank account is a local SGD currency account. 

c) No Cash gift transfers shall be made to any of your joint bank accounts or accounts of any other person other than that of Eligible Customer. 

d) The said bank account is not used for money laundering activities and/or any unlawful activities, directly or indirectly. 

e) You shall indemnify MoneySmart against all claims and losses arising out of the breach of these terms and conditions due to any act/omission/representation by you.

3.1 Approval of any credit card shall be at the sole discretion of partner banks. 

3.2 MoneySmart does not use the bank details provided by you for any purposes other than transferring Cash gifts to your accounts under this Promotion and purges the same after completion of the transaction. 

3.3 shall not be liable for delay or error in Cash gift transfer occurred due to any acts or omission of the banks and/or due to any reason beyond its control. 

3.4 reserves the right to add, modify the terms and conditions of this Promotion and/or or discontinue the Promotion at any time without prior notice. 

3.5 reserves the right to verify the eligibility of participants. By taking part in this Promotion, participants confirm that they accept the terms and conditions set out herein. 

3.6 The decision with respect to the purchase of any financial product like credit cards personal loans or the viability of any financial product or service shall always be the sole responsibility and decision of the user /subscriber/participant.

3.7 shall not be liable for any losses suffered by any participant/customer due to rejection of any application by the partner banks.

3.8 By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion, you will also agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of